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Mental health care for
emotional wellbeing and empowered healing. 

About C3 Mental Health

C3 Mental Health helps individuals, parents, and families who desire mental health support and wellness through psychotherapy, spirituality, and creativity.  


C3 is dedicated to empowering people to prioritize their mental, emotional, and spiritual health as the foundation for their wellbeing.

 If you are struggling in your current life circumstances, relationships, feelings of wellbeing, and sense of purpose, you have come to the right place.

About Us
Danielle Cotter, MA LMFT

Meet Danielle Cotter, MA LMFT PMH-C

Every person deserves a therapeutic experience designed to meet their needs.

I see psychotherapy as a beautiful blend of wellness and spiritual principles. With over a decade of psychotherapy experience, I will help you rebuild your sense of self, authentically participate in relationships, and feel fulfilled, at peace, and confident.

When you come for therapy, you will experience warmth, knowledge, and deep respect for your unique life experience.

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Therapy is meant to honor your whole, authentic self, and encourage personal freedom and connection with others and the world around you. Together we will co-create the process and tools to bring healing, balance, and empowerment to your wellbeing and way of life.  


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