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As of June 3, 2024 I am only available for clients who wish to participate in equine assisted psychotherapy. Please inquire if you would like to be added to a waitlist for when a spot opens for new counseling clients. 

Danielle Cotter, MA LMFT


I'm Danielle Cotter, MA LMFT PMH-C

I'm so glad you navigated your way to this corner of the therapeutic universe. It's not easy to ask for help, and I assure you that you are in the right place.

I have always been fascinated by the complexities of being human and sought truth and deep meaning in all of life's mysteries. This has translated to a lifetime of learning and applying psychological and spiritual teachings to heal my own heart and serve others in their healing journey.


I'm passionate about creating a safe space for you to share your story and heal in a peaceful, judgment-free environment. I help you creatively problem-solve what is no longer working in your life, access the meaning of your struggles, and develop a path for moving forward rooted in your personal strengths, values, and connection with others.​

When you come for therapy you will experience warmth, knowledge, and deep respect for your unique life experience.

Garden Soil

We Work Together

In a journey of healing, three important qualities come into play: courage, creativity, and connection. It takes courage to deal with the tough stuff life throws at you. And it takes even more courage to keep facing the same challenges, not giving up. Therapy is all about diving into your thoughts, feelings, and associated behaviors again and again, discovering your full potential along the way.

I'm passionate about creating a safe space for you to be fully yourself and find peace and healing without any judgment. I help you think outside the box to solve the issues that aren't working anymore, find meaning in what you're going through, and figure out a way forward rooted in your strengths, values, and connection with others.


  • maternal mental health

  • high achieving professionals and executive leadership

  • anxiety

  • perfectionism

  • self-esteem/self-worth

  • mood disorders

  • trauma

  • family of origin concerns

  • parenting

  • codependency and addiction

  • body image concerns 

  • disordered eating

  • family transitions

  • diminished well-being or life purpose


Therapeutic Approaches

You are as unique as your fingerprint. We will co-create the path that works best for your desires, specific circumstances, learning preferences, personality, and conditions


In all that we do, a holistic lens is applied so you feel fully embodied in body, mind, and spirit. 

Relational Lens

Our relationships are just as fundamental as food, water, and shelter. The systems (or communities) we live in and a part of can impact mental health more than we realize. Therefore, relational and community health are a touchstone of wellbeing and are addressed to create harmony in your life. 

Internal Family Systems (IFS)

Also known as "parts work," IFS views humans as the sum of their parts of self. The goal is to integrate as many parts as possible and live authentically.

Dialectical Behavior Therapy

Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) is a psychotherapy approach combining cognitive-behavioral techniques with mindfulness. It teaches individuals skills to manage emotions, navigate relationships, and tolerate distress, aiming for a balance between acceptance and change.

Spirituality & 12-Step Recovery

Many of life's challenges are not in our control. Spirituality gives an open alternative to self-will so we can accept things as they are and live peacefully. 12-step recovery offers a programtic and spiritual approach to addiction and co-dependency recovery. 


Tap into the brain's natural healing process to heal from emotional pain caused by past trauma, as well as gain meaning, reconciliation, and future purpose.

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